Looking to optimize your warehouse storage? Rackzone's VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking System is designed to maximize space utilization while providing efficient access to inventory. Explore what the VNA Pallet Racking System is, how it works, and who can benefit from using it.

What is the VNA Pallet Racking System? The VNA Pallet Racking System is a space-saving storage solution that allows for narrow aisles and high-density storage. It is designed to accommodate specialized forklift trucks that operate in very narrow aisles, optimizing storage capacity.

How does the VNA Pallet Racking System work?
  1. Narrow Aisles: The VNA System utilizes aisles that are significantly narrower compared to traditional racking systems, maximizing available space.
  2. Specialized Forklift Trucks: Very Narrow Aisle forklift trucks are designed to operate in these narrow aisles, enabling precise maneuverability and reaching greater heights.
  3. Wire Guidance or Floor Guidance: The forklift trucks navigate through the aisles with the help of wire or floor guidance systems, ensuring accurate positioning of pallets.
  4. High-Density Storage: The system allows for closely spaced rack bays and vertically stacked pallets, maximizing storage capacity.

Benefits of the VNA Pallet Racking System:
  • Maximize Storage Capacity: Optimize your warehouse space with high-density storage and narrow aisles.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: Utilize every inch of available space by reducing aisle width, resulting in increased storage capacity.
  • Quick and Precise Access: Very Narrow Aisle forklift trucks provide precise maneuverability, allowing for efficient and accurate retrieval of pallets.
  • Improved Inventory Control: The VNA System enables better inventory tracking and organization, enhancing overall inventory management.
  • Suitable for High-Volume Storage: Ideal for warehouses with high-volume storage needs, where space optimization and efficient access to inventory are critical.

Choose Rackzone's VNA Pallet Racking System for efficient and space-saving storage. Experience optimized storage capacity and streamlined operations with this specialized solution. Contact Rackzone today to find the perfect VNA Pallet Racking System for your business!


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